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Article about Andy in "The Yorkshire Post"
Albums on iTunes (click on cover to visit iTunes site)
A clip from The Wicker Man "Gently Johnny" on YouTube
Silva Screen Records
Released The Wicker Man Soundtrack
Gary Carpenter
Musical Director of The Wicker Man
Ian Cutler
fiddle player from The Wicker Man
Jill Ford makes the most wonderful and stunning ceramics which are available to buy at many galleries around the country and also on her web site.
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This site has some very interesting information about The Wicker Man:
Here's the website of the truly incredible musician, Joji Hirota. It was an enormous privilege to tour with him in the "Red Buddha" days and for him to visit and record some of his works in my studio
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Grimshaw Guitars: Eric Sandiford has created a most fascinating site about Grimshaw guitars. In the early 1970s, I had a GS30 which I sold because I needed the money at the time, but have regretted selling it ever since! They were really excellent guitars, but sadly no longer in production.
Morris Pert
A link to composer and brilliant musician, Morris Pert who sadly died in 2010. Morris worked with some of the most famous people in the business including Paul McCartney, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, John Williams, Kate Bush, Mike Oldfield, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins and the jazz-rock band Brand X. Morris auditioned me and offered me the job as guitarist for The Red Buddha Theatre and it was an honour to work with him.
Tim Jones is an absolute master of supporting and maintaining Soundtracs consoles. I have had my Quartz 32 for many years and it has been fantastic, but it was suffering from a few problems a year or two ago. I contacted Tim who was then and is always, tremedously helpful and an absolute mine of information. With his tremendous technical knowledge and superb support service, he soon got my problems resolved - he's the man!!
Jill Ford
WildWire Music and Audio. A great bunch of people selling some fantastic musical instruments from their outlet in Selby. An ideal place to indulge your Guitar Acquisition Syndrome (GAS)!
Here's link to YouTube where some of my music is being used by WildWire Music and Audio for their videos of the wonderful guitars they have in stock.